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LIFEWORKS & Kendall Dudley, M.A.

Kendall Dudley (photograph)

Consultations / Seminars / Presentations / Special Events

For Individuals, Organizations, and Career Professionals

LIFEWORKS offers career & life planning for:

Through work we express our skills, hopes, power, and art. Through work, we have the opportunity to recreate ourselves and experience a potential we may not have thought possible.

We need a new and more fluid way with which to imagine the future.

— Mary Catherine Bateson

Kendall Dudley started LIFEWORKS over 20 years ago to help people find their way to a more meaningful life and career, and recent world events have made that task all the more vital. Yet the road to good work can be patchy, blocked, and bumpy.

LIFEWORKS helps you find your career map if you've lost it, create new roads where they're needed, find way-stations to shelter you through rough times, and get more from the journey you're on. It also provides practical tools and tactics to help get you there.

Colorful Abstract Painting by Kendall Dudley

One client told me, "I look at the career map I made with you five years ago, and I can't believe how many things I've accomplished."

— An entrepreneur with her own business

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Kendall Dudley, M.A.


50 Grafton Street
Arlington, Massachusetts, USA 02474