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About Kendall Dudley, M.A.

Kendall Dudley (photograph)

Who knew that through the alchemy of the Wharton School (B.S.), Columbia University (M.A.), and the Peace Corps (Iran) that I'd become a career counselor, writing consultant, artist, teacher, and speaker?

For over 20 years, I've run two businesses:

Through these two businesses, I provide a variety of services for individuals and organizations:

Before all this, I worked as a Peace Corps volunteer, economist, project manager, photographer, staff writer, and teacher.

My writing has appeared in over 25 publications, and I am currently working on two books:

I'm frequently quoted in the media, have appeared on WBUR (National Public Radio's local affiliate), was profiled on Boston Channel 5's Evening Chronicle, and interviewed on Channel 7 News.

I am also on the boards of the Cambridge Center for Adult Education and the Association of Career Professionals International, Boston Chapter.

A Renaissance Man's Profile on a Whiteboard

A Client Story:

The Renaissance Man

A 28-year-old felt direction-less because he'd "frittered" away his time "dabbling" in art, Japanese history, fundraising, French, psychology, and writing.

When he came to value his experiences and personality style, he could see their applications to communications, publishing, teaching, guidance, writing, and adventure travel. When he learned a new way to see and tell his story, job offers came to him.

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Kendall Dudley, M.A.


50 Grafton Street
Arlington, Massachusetts, USA 02474