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Sample Exercise to Try at Home

A Woman Drawing Her Lifemap

Exercise: Delving into the Past

  1. Make a list of the times in your life when you felt completely focused on what you were doing. These times may have been at work, play, or while engaged in something of a serious nature.
  2. Choose three of these times and write a paragraph about each, describing what happened and noting any possible relevance those events have on your present questioning.
  3. Then look at the skills, interests, and values embedded in each of the three experiences. What themes do you notice? What useful information do these experiences add to your reflections on work?
  4. Looking at the data created by this exercise, list three appealing work ideas that stem from this exercise. Reflect on the degree of appeal contained within these ideas and not on their level of practicality.
A Compostite Lifemap

A Client Story:

Finding Answers in a Faraway Diner

A 34-year-old writer and TV production assistant questioned everything from work and love to place and purpose. She knew two things, however: She didn't want to pursue her family's real estate business, and she loved the Southwest.

Following what she was clear about, she moved to Tucson and landed work in a diner. It so happened that this diner was near a school of architecture. Soon, she became friends with a woman who lectured at the school who was also a land developer. After several grilled cheese sandwiches, she offered her a job assisting her on real estate projects. The match was so good, they decided to become a couple as well.

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