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Service Fees

House with a Pink Roof (abstract painting by Kendall Dudley)

Career and Retirement Services

Individual Consultations

Explore the questions and issues you wish to address. Typical number of sessions are between 3 and 5. Initial session is usually 1 ½ hours. $125/$140 per hour, $120 second hour pro-rated (sliding scale available). Corporate rate by arrangement.

Brief Counseling

Involves a series of two 1-hour sessions that include the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). Designed for motivated people with a good deal of self-knowledge who have questions that can be covered in this condensed, fast-paced format: $335.

One Time, Do-It-Yourself Career Counseling

Provides you with an 8-step journal-writing approach to managing your own career change.

  • Includes tailored exercises, a bibliography, and resource sheets: $187.5 (1 ½ hours).
  • Includes tailored exercises and work search strategies: $260 (2 hours).
Phone Consultations or Coaching

$125/$140 per hour.

Resume Services

Consultation: $125/$140 per hour; resume writing: $100 per hour (see related services under Writing Services).

Assessment Tools

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI): $40/$50 online version.

Strong Campbell Interest Inventory, Skill Scan, and other profiles online: No charge for tools developed by LIFEWORKS.

Seminars, Presentations, and Special Projects

By arrangement.

Related Services: Writing Services / Special Projects

Art Projects by Kendall Dudley

About book concepts, manuscripts, project design and development, brochure development, graphics: $125/$140 per hour.

Manuscript reading, web design consultations and editing: $75 per hour.

Consultations around the Writing Process

Identifying writing projects, dealing with creative blocks, and the many issues involved in the writing process: $125/$140 per hour (sliding scale available).

Concept, Design, Editing, and Contract Writing Services

Fee to be negotiated based on length and type of assignment.

Special Projects

For business, non-profits, institutional and family events or celebrations; speech writing; retreats; speaking engagements: priced according to the project.

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