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Services for Organizations

Seminar Participants Writing

LIFEWORKS collaborates with other career professionals to present a variety of programs and services for business, government, academia, and non-profit organizations.

Contact LIFEWORKS to see how we can design a set of career and life planning services to meet your needs. What follows is a sample list of formal and informal presentation topics that can be adapted to a variety of formats.

Lectures, Seminars, Panels, Conferences, Special Projects, and Retreats

Corporations, Academic Institutions, and Non-Profit Organizations

Health Care Organizations

Arts Organizations

Professional Organizations and Trade Associations

Government Agencies and Human Services Organizations

Libraries, High Schools, Churches, Temples, and Mosques

Informal Discussion, Community, Parenting, and Job Search Groups

Sample Presentation Topics

Kurdistan (abstract painting by Kendall Dudley)

A Client Story:

Broadway Hits the Boardroom

When the sales director of a multi-national software company reviewed the program for his annual sales meeting, he foresaw hundreds of employees facing "death by PowerPoint".

Desperate for a way to keep staff awake, he approved turning his part of the meeting into a theatrical event in which fifteen of his staff sang, danced, and rode scooters across the stage while belting out the highlights of a new sales manifesto!

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