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Red House (abstract painting by Kendall Dudley)

Meeting in Person, by Phone, or by Email

The first meeting, by whatever means, is designed around getting to know you, your questions, and your work story. We may discuss your career and personal history, your current work situation, your hopes for yourself, or a specific issue you are having.

At the end of that first meeting, we map out the work we will do together and create "homework" for the next session. This homework and the conversations themselves are often a blend of the analytic and the intuitive.

I often suggest the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (which I have available) in addition to a number of other profiles and specialized exercises to draw out talents, values, preferences, and goals.

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes."

— Marcel Proust

The stretching that comes from exploring what "is" and what "might be" helps exercise your practical imagination, which in turn leads to a broadening of realistic options.

At some point, clients will often create a map in words or images that represent the work/life road ahead for them. People call me years later and tell me how their map helped guide their choices over time!

Street Scene (abstract painting by Kendall Dudley)

A Client Story:

Far From Home

A German undergraduate student had no idea what to major in. What's more, he was homesick.

When talking about the things he missed about Germany, he said, "The look and feel of little towns." He started to smile. "I could be an architect," he said. "Why did I never think of that?"

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