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Services for Career Professionals

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LIFEWORKS provides professional development programs for career counselors wanting to foster their own growth as counselors and to experiment with different sets of counseling tools.

Peer Conversations / Check-ins / Tune-ups / What Ifs / Moving On

Professional Training / Lectures / Seminars / Retreats / Guest Presentations

Training and Lecture Topics

What's New in You: A Fresh Look at You and Your Connection to the Profession
Using less traditional tools that can be adapted to work with clients, counselors explore their own changes to better understand what to recommit to, what to throw out, and what to add. (fresh)
Career Counseling When the Rules Have Changed
Implications for career counseling in an era of upheaval and dramatic change. (rules)
Keeping a Personal Journal
As a creative or spiritual practice for yourself and your clients, keeping an illustrated journal helps you see the underlying themes, talents, and passions that may enlighten your thoughts and drive your actions. (cwrite)
Career Professionals Reading and Writing

A Client Story:

From Cars to Movies

A 43-year-old automobile insurance underwriter had grown to detest his work. Burdened by what he described as an "unusual level of risk adversity" and yet fearful of living out his parents' belief in a life-long career, he felt trapped. On the other side, he possessed a vivid imagination that allowed him to construct all kinds of outcomes, including disasters.

By taking seriously his ability to imagine outcomes, he began thinking about insuring movie productions, ships in war zones, and trucks transporting hazardous materials. In an odd way, that kind of work didn't seem risky. An added benefit was that though still related to insurance, it was in such a different context and culture as to feel like a career change!

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