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Seminars & Workshops

Journal Pages by Kendall Dudley

LIFEWORKS offers seminars and workshops in a wide variety of formats:

Topics can be adapted to suit timeframes, audiences, and organizational needs.

Sample Seminar, Lecture, and Presentation Topics

Work Matters More: Learning From the Times
This program addresses worklife issues raised by living amid the uncertainty of what the Chinese call "interesting times." (matters)
Your Career Is As Fascinating As the Ingredients You Put In It: 10 Ways to Get More Out of Your Current Work
The more interesting the ingredients you put into your career broth, the richer and more complex the flavors. This interactive program flings all kinds of surprise ingredients into the pot with amazing results. (fling)
Finding Your Voice in the World and Knowing What to Do With It
A series of questions leads you to acknowledge your talents while detailed scenarios help you shape new ideas and pinpoint next steps. (voice)
100 Things to Do Before You Hit 100: Living An Intentional Life
Here's your chance to name the essential elements of a life well lived— the silly, enriching, and serious— and to practice weaving these elements into a life map that lights the way. (100 things)
Writing Your Way To Work: Journal Writing Meets Career Discovery
Keeping a journal helps track what you notice, how you're changing, and how that change may suggest ways to enhance current work or find new and deeper work. (jwrite)
Seminar Participants Painting a Mural
Creativity and the Crafting of Meaningful, Engaging Work
By exploring theories of creativity and the habits and mindsets of creative people, you'll experiment with ways to think about life, work, play, and spirit. You'll push this process beyond current thinking to find vivid ideas that can be applied to the real world. (create)
Looking in Unexpected Places for Career Ideas
By looking at your life story in offbeat ways and at the clues offered by bizarre and appealing occupations, you are more likely to catch yourself by surprise and be open to recomposing your work lives in ways you hadn't imagined. (unex)
The Art and Story of Personal Pilgrimage
By highlighting pivotal and intensely focused moments in your life journey, you'll see some of the underlying themes, talents, and passions that may help shape your work or retirement. (pilgrim)
Thinking Big / Acting Large
An experimental program that stretches you through group painting, writing, monologues, skits, team-building games, and self-appointed challenges. (big)

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